Product Description

This is an 18 karat yellow gold Omega triple calendar moonphase watch, otherwise known as the Cosmic. The serial number of this watch places it in the 1944 to 1947 window of production. The dial is an older refinished dial with some patina showing on the left hand side. It seems as if pretty well all the surviving examples of the Cosmic have refinished dials since the dial finishing techniques of the 1940’s did not lend themselves to durability and longevity. Very few of these gold cased Cosmics survived the meltfest  that destroyed millions of gold cased watches when gold prices spiked in the 1970’s and 1980’s, making the gold cased examples of the Cosmic much harder to find than steel cased examples. All in all this watch is in fine condition and all the functions perform as designed and the setting buttons work properly. This watch is keeping time accurately but is being sold in “as found” condition since I believe serious collectors prefer to make their own decisions as to when and where any work will be done on their watches. The case is 34.5 mm in diameter and does not exhibit signs of overpolishing. The case is still nice and crisp.